Player is always right

In this review, I bring to your attention the British online casino Karamba 2021. If it comes to this casino, then you can be sure that we will talk about a casino that loves and respects its customers. Founded in 2005 and licensed in Malta (MGA), this relatively old casino is well known in the UK and around the world for its responsibility and player support. For this casino, the “player is always right”, so you don’t worry about your account or that you won’t succeed.

This is one of the few casinos where you can bet on sports. Sports has always been a very popular topic, especially in the UK, and now you have the opportunity to bet online on the site of one of your favorite casinos. Karamba took care of the safety of his clients in advance. The site has the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system for encrypting your data so that your personal and your account information is not used or declassified. You will also find a huge selection of slots and online games that will not make you sad. After all, Karamba makes sure that you are satisfied with the pastime. You will not be disappointed with the support service and a convenient system for paying money, as well as a high-quality privacy system that will protect your data from leakage. The main thing is to play for pleasure, warns this Karamba review.

Privacy policy

Like any other site, Karamba Kashino is most worried about the security of his users. After all, satisfied users = good reputation.

Karamba Casino warns that only a user over 18 years old can use the site and play games. In all other cases, this is considered an offense. The site warns that adults need to be extremely careful so that their children are protected from the form of gambling, since you need to play only wisely. Karamba Casino warns that in order to protect children from gambling at an early age, you should put passwords on all your devices, do not leave a laptop / phone / tablet or any other device from which you use the casino services in children’s access and with open casino tabs. Have a conversation in advance with the children that gambling is not good at an early age. Do not keep your passwords in an accessible place for the rest. Remember that your safety and the security of your data is in your hands.

Responsible gaming

Karamba Casino reacted with responsibility and care to your correct attitude to games and created a special tab where you can find all the information related to the responsible game. Before starting your cooperation with the site, you will need to present a document confirming your age. You must be aware of how much time you spend in the game. Karamba Casino is not responsible for your material losses. Therefore, the site offers you to take an online test to see if there is any game addiction. The test consists of 12 questions, the result of which will come to your account on the site. Also included is a list of questions that will help you figure this out. Such questions as how do you spend your time on games instead of work, how often do you lend money to gambling, does your game cause depression, do you feel like playing after scandal disputes, and so on.

If a problem is detected, the site offers a number of functions to solve this problem itself. You have such opportunities as freezing your account (cooling period), creating deposit limits, creating your deposit limit, self-excluding, creating a limited session time or checking activity.

The cooling period is a period that lasts 24 hours, during which you cannot use the site and your account.

You deposit the deposit limit yourself and indicate it yourself in your account. The new limit will be valid 7 days after your request.

Self-exclusion can be a choice for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or forever. If you decide to self-exclude temporarily, your account and your accounts will be saved and restored with your return. If you decide to self-exclude forever, your account will be blocked and all money will be returned to your bank account.

Checking activity is a function that at startup shows how much time you spend online on a site. At the end of the session, a notification will pop up with the result.

And in the end, you can set the time limits for your session yourself. You can do this through chat, agreeing on everything with the manager.

In order to create your account, the Karamba Casino website must collect a certain amount of information. In order to create your account, the site collects two types of information. The first is personal data, the second is non-personal information.

The personal data section includes: registration data (name, surname, address, phone, email address, and so on), an identity card (to confirm your age and name, it can be a passport, driver’s license), bank account details (for so that the user has the opportunity to make bets, withdraw and deposit money, and so on), device information (IP addresses on the Internet and even take your fingerprints), voluntary information (information that you share via chat or in letters), information about your social profiles and account (in order to be able to gather information about the comments and feedback related to the site) and finally information from third parties, namely, information about your credit history, and if you are a crook for verification.

Non-personal information is information that talks about such things as the resolution of your screen, the browser you use and the language of your browser. All this is going to ensure that Karamba Casino can have a clear picture of the idea of ​​you as a person, whether you are a scammer and there will be fraud on your part. Non-personal information is also divided into several subspecies. It is worth getting acquainted with her in order to know what information the site has about you.

Information about your gameplay – your bets, deposits, inputs and withdrawals of money. Technical information – all the same information about the browser and the expansion of your device. Information is also taken not only on your device but also about your Internet connection – for a safe and convenient download. Analytical information – information which is based on the operation of your services on the Internet. And finally, anonymous information.

Summing up, we can assume that the casino takes too much of your personal information related not only to you but also to your actions. Perhaps this is so, but all this is done only for the sake of your safety and the safety of the casino. On the site you can find a whole shift, for which all this information is needed and where it will be applied. And finally, information processing. After all of the above is collected, it will be sent to the site for recycling.

All your personal information will not be used against you.

Bonus Program

Karamba Casino generously with its bonuses in 2021. Thus, upon registration you will immediately receive your first, welcome bonus, which is 100% of your first deposit, but with a limit of up to 200 euros. That is, if you make your first deposit of 60 euros, your welcome bonus will also be 60 euros, if 90, then 90 and so on, but up to 200 euros. This bonus is limited and is calculated only once upon registration and only one per family. That is, if an entire family is registered, the bonus will go to one person. Also, if the bonus is not used within 21 days, the casino automatically withdraws it from your account. The welcome bonus cannot be used with other bonuses or promotions. That is, when you receive this bonus, you can get the next one using all the data, or after 21 days.

As for free games, the bonuses that are accrued to you must be spent within one day. Next, the bonus burns out.

There are also a number of restrictions regarding bonus programs. If you have won thanks to a bonus or bonus game, you must play at least 35 more times before you can withdraw your winnings. Again, if you want to withdraw money earned through bonuses, then the amount should not exceed 100 euros, login and try it.

Daily bonuses should not exceed 200 euros. You can also use bonus codes, upon entering which the player also receives bonuses for games. And also when re-registering you get 20 free spins. In general – use and enjoy.

About Support

The Karamba Casino website also has first-class support. Even when entering, the first thing that will attract your attention is the feathered hand of a blue parrot, holding out your phone. By clicking on the icon and login, the user will open a separate browser tab, giving you the opportunity to go into live chat and talk with the manager about your problem. Before you start a conversation, you have to choose what you want to ask the manager, technical services, questions on documents, questions about withdrawing money, file a complaint, find out for bets, for sports bets, general information and the ability to delete an account. Also on the site, the player will be able to find the email address on the site. In fact, online chat is almost the only way to communicate and ask questions if you have a problem. There is no hot-line telephone, and the chat is open from 8am to 1am every day. But the online manager is always ready to help you and resolve your situation, because Karamba Casino is sure that the client is above all.

Games and more games

KarambaCasino was launched in 2009 and has since developed and improved. Board games and sports bets have added to the huge variety of games. And until today, in 2021, the site gained great popularity and diversified its range of games as much as possible. Recall that the casino is aimed at British players. In 2021, users can play on their phones, tablets or laptops – a convenient layout of the site allows you to do this.

Live casino

Life casino is a fairly popular type of casino. KarambaCasino broadcasts its games throughout Europe. You don’t have to worry about having to play one game on one day. The site offers you a choice of many different board games, including roulette, baccarat, poker and much more. Some dealers on the site work around the clock, so you can afford to play at any time of the day.

The rules for using a live casino are no different from the rules for using a regular online casino. This is still the same casino, but using a webcam. In the case of playing in a live casino, encryption programs are not used. Players can rely on honesty and power of attorney dealers, because as the site assures us, Honesty is most important in this matter. The whole game is absolutely safe. Dealers speak English and are proxies. In online casinos you can play games such as BlackJack (White 1, White 2, White 3), Grand BlackJack, Salon Prive BlackJack, BlackJack Platinum and BlackJack Fortune, Roulette French, German, British and Lightning Roulette, Auto Roulette, Baccarat and so on.


On the casino website you can find more than a hundred different slots for every taste and color. Various subjects and various styles of design will not let you get bored. One of the best iGaming game developers works on games for your enjoyment and enjoyment of the game. If you do not know or are not sure how to play the game, you can always open the file attached to this game and read the rules. Before starting any game on the site, you need to read and agree to the terms of the site regarding the game. You can play slots with a welcome bonus, but not all. Karamba Casino gives you 20 free spins during registration. And also remember that all the games that you see on the PC are available on your phone – everything is for your convenience.


As elsewhere in the casino, roulette is standard. You can find American, French and English roulette, depending on your preference. Also, you have the opportunity to spin several wheels at once. You also have the choice of playing roulette online or playing roulette with a live dealer. Everything happens as in a real casino – the game is played online, with real people and spinning wheels. You just do not need to leave your house now. Many dealers work around the clock, so you no matter what time of day to play.

Black Jack

If in the live version the number of places to play with the dealers is limited, then in the online version there are no restrictions. Play anytime, anytime. Great Britain revere this game at 21, as it is also called, and therefore you are wearing just this game on the most important variety. The rules are the same everywhere, you need to overtake the dealer but not exceed the number of cards in 21. Different games add different highlights, we suggest you try them all. The most varied here: Double Down, Split, Perfect Pairs and so on. The casino warns you should take breaks if you feel tired or stressed. And oh yes, never play while intoxicated.

Video Slots

A little different from the original and classic slots. You can spin several reels at once by holding just one button. Video slots pleasantly surprise with their colorfulness and variety of themes, interfaces and designs. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of slots on various topics – from ancient Egypt to the Caribbean pirates. It will be even more convenient to play video slots in a mobile online application. The colorfulness and image quality can not be distorted, and the pleasure of the game will only double.

Scratch Cards

Cards, for players who love luck. There are almost no rules – everything is simple. The user selects a card, erases the top layer from it, and finds a winning line under it. If the numbers or images on the line of a vyirash come together as one, consider that you are a lucky one. UK players have a bit more access to cards. On the site you can find a lot of different maps, with different images and different designs. We remind you that even such simple cards are available only to persons over 18 years of age.

Sports Betting

Sports betting in the UK is indeed a very popular thing. Starting from the old days, when people bet on horse racing. Now the situation has not changed much, only if switched to online. On the casino website you can view the betting book, compare the odds and make your bet on the sport that you have chosen.

Live Bets

The site gives you access to the sports betting market, where you can see the table with all the bets on leagues, sports clubs or entire sports. The betting table comes to life when the game begins. New bids are added. Real-time bets are a very convenient and high-quality feature. You can not only place bets, but also at the end of the game analyze what is happening and a picture of events will come out.

Horse racing

Where without betting on the Horse race in Great Britain! Horse racing takes place in England every day, but we advise you to save your wallet for the most important event of the year – the head of the Grand National race. At such an event, a nut does not make a bet. Bets can be Win and Every-Way. In the first case, you simply bet on victory, and in the second case, you bet on a concrete horse.

Formula 1

On the CASINO Website you can bet even on races. All you need to do is just go to the right department, analyze the results from the previous race and place bets on!

Also, on the site you can choose a sports section such as football (which is no less popular), cricket, tennis and of course golf. When making a bet, carefully analyze the results from previous games and the results of matches, races, games or sessions. The site strongly recommends that you analyze the situation not only on the basis of the site but also on the basis of the results of queries on the Internet. Choose the one who or what will bring you good luck and go ahead for the victory!

Mobile version

Like all casinos, Karamba Casino has a mobile version. This version supports software such as Android and iOS. All you need is to simply go into your market and find the Karamba application there. All of the above games, sports betting, online and life casinos – all this will be available at your fingertips, you just have to download the application. The application supports any smartphone format and any screen resolution. You can also play your favorite games on your tablet. Choose as you want! The developers only advise you to issue an account and register first with a computer and then transfer your account and your virtual world to smartphones and other gadgets. The application has made sure that the picture quality and brightness are not lost, for your comfort and convenience.

Karamba sum up

After the review is made, the following conclusions can be drawn. The Karamba Casino site is a relatively small online casino, but with a large selection of games. In 2021, the site has more than 100 different slots, and this is not counting other online games and sports betting. This is one of the few online casinos that offers such a service as sports betting. You can choose between any sport you want. From horse racing to football, from tennis to cricket. For every taste. The site also provides an opportunity to analyze all completed stages of matches and games, so that users can choose the winner with confidence.

The site has a responsive support service that runs from 8am to 1am 7 days a week. Unlike dealers who work for players around the clock.

On the site you can start the section “magazines”, where users can read information about all the sections on the site. By the way about the site itself. The site is a kingdom of a blue parrot, which immediately upon entering offers you its blue wing of “help” with a telephone for support via chat.

The casino also worried about the convenient withdrawal of money from your account. When registering, you must provide information about your bank account, at the same time indicating the details. Your smma will be sent to the same details. This can be done with the help of such banking systems as Visa, MasterCard, Soforn Banking, Skrill, Neteller, Trustley, Paysevkard and so on.

Karamba Casino warns players that games are not a way to earn money, but a way to relax and have fun. This should not be at a loss to you, so choose the slot you like and spin the drum!